Join our kids research specialist Jo Cliff, on 3rd February to hear the latest findings on our boy’s research.

In 2016 Platypus conducted in depth research which delved into the lives and stereotypes held about boys.

From over 1000 surveys and face to face interviews with boys aged 4-13, we found that boys are subject to harmful stereotypes that were restricting their beliefs and behaviours.  Indirectly, the portrayal of men and the role models they were influenced by were reinforcing these stereotypes.

Four years later and a lot has happened in the world, but has this impacted on boys and girls views of themselves and of each other? 

Has media evolved to better meet boy’s needs to address both sides of the gender stereotype coin?  What and who are most influential on forming these opinions and how much further do we need to go in balancing out the equation?

In our talk you will learn the answers to these questions and more from our latest 2021 research with 6-13 year olds.




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