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Platypus Research is a global insights and innovation business for the child, youth and family market.

Meet Platypus Research

Independently formed in 2005 we are made up of a collaboration of commercial and academic researchers, psychologists, designers, film-makers and statisticians working for some of the world’s most exciting brands and organisations

We deliver the inspiration and wisdom for you to achieve brilliance in the family, kids and youth market.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Jo Cliff
MeetJo Cliff
as well as hula hoop champ, fast walker and people watcher

Jo set up Platypus with the mission of changing the way we do research to understand the real and varied picture of kids, youth and family lives. 

As a result, Jo has spent the last 11 years working with large and small companies from public and commercial sectors to support them through bespoke projects and sharing her knowledge to help them to succeed in the kids and family market.

Jo truly loves her job which is evident to anyone who works with her or has seen her present. 

Jo is a full member of the MRS and is a regular contributor of papers to the MRS and international conferences advising organisations on how to use the latest research to shape their products and strategies.

Karen Chaudhari
MeetKaren Chaudhari

As a very talented kids and youth research specialist, CIM qualified, with an impressive amount of technical and commercial experience gathered from working in client-side and agency roles, Karen brings great benefits to any business that works with her. 

Karen’s mission is to help organisations form strategies around a superior understanding of the real lives and needs of families and kids. With a genuine love of her role, she is totally hands-on with every project she manages.

Having spent 13 years working as the Insight Manager for Hallmark cards Karen has a vast amount of experience in supporting a wide range of organisational teams to apply research insights for product design and development, enhancement of the shopper experience via the correct product mix/in-store ‘theatre’ and brand development.

As a result of spending many years conducting ethnography and speaking to families in their homes as well as workshop moderation, Karen has an unrivalled understanding of family connections and the best way to engage.

Rebecca Atkinson
Quantitive Research Consultant
MeetRebecca Atkinson
Quantitive Research Consultant

When it comes to gathering quantitative data from the children and parents, Rebecca is one of the most experienced technicians you’ll come across.

Rebecca is a psychology graduate and very talented quantitative researcher who has managed and designed many types of projects with this age group. 

Rebecca has designed hundreds of online surveys adapted for young people.  She has the ability to collect data on complex concepts simply and in a way that engages a wide range of ages.

Rebecca has particular skill in drawing out the most meaningful data and communicating quantitative findings to a wide variety of audiences in a visual and impactful way.

Adam Galpin
Senior Psychology Lecturer
MeetAdam Galpin
Senior Psychology Lecturer
  • A highly experienced psychologist who is extremely knowledgeable in understanding the minds of young people and what influences their media choices.
  • Supports Platypus on research projects to give a deeper understanding to children and young people.
Jeremy Barnett
Film Maker
MeetJeremy Barnett
Film Maker
  • Provides professionally filmed outputs for our projects.
  • High-quality broadcast films for a diverse range of clients. 
Kathryn Johnson
Graphic Designer
MeetKathryn Johnson
Graphic Designer
  • Expert graphic designer and illustrator.
  • Creates child and family friendly research stimulus and outputs professionally designed for our clients
Naomi Lambert
Qualitative Researcher
MeetNaomi Lambert
Qualitative Researcher

Naomi is an experienced qualitative researcher with a genuine passion to understand consumers and use that knowledge to provide strategic insight and direction to inform and shape key business decisions for clients. 

She has a wealth of experience in all areas of qualitative research, from focus groups and in-store depth interviews to on-line communities and workshops, across many research markets. Much of her experience has been gained within the diverse world of the FMCG and Retail sectors and with many high-profile clients including leading supermarkets and retail outlets, food manufacturers and suppliers and across market categories.


From confectionery to sausages and greetings cards to flowers, Naomi loves the variety of work that qualitative research provides, and the interesting people she is privileged to meet, observe and understand.

Away from research, Naomi has spent four years as a school Governor and volunteered as secretary for a local charity.  As a mum of three, she has much personal experience and a genuine interest in children and youth. In her spare time she can often be found on the side of a football pitch cheering on her children or perfecting a ‘ballet bun’ for her daughter’s dancing exam!

Dawn Lambert
Qualitative Researcher
MeetDawn Lambert
Qualitative Researcher

Dawn is an experienced qualitative specialist, who has spent the best part of 20 years designing, running and managing qualitative research.  Dawn is fascinated by how insight into peoples lives and shopping behaviour drives relevant and sharp business decisions.  She's worked across sectors, but recently has focused on retail, food and drink and healthcare.  Dawn lives near Winchester with her husband and 3 sons and is often found at the edge of a football pitch on a Saturday morning.