On Location

Platypus Research is a global insights and innovation business for the child, youth and family market.

Understanding kids and families in context


Our ‘on location’ approaches are all about tapping into ‘real’ lives and uncovering ‘authentic’ reactions.

Here’s how we do it;

  • We have expertise in interviewing children of all ages, teenagers, parents, grandparents, teachers, sports coaches etc. 
  • Skills in ethnographic research for gathering observational and image based data to complete the picture and supplement discussions e.g. discovery to observe the activities, toys, devices and books… bedroom visit to gain a ‘snap shot’ of the children’s lives; and interests
  • Record high quality video footage providing a greater depth of understanding and inspiration to research users
  • All the Logistics concerning safeguarding considered and taken care of (parental consent, school consent and liaison, DBS checks)