What’s New Scooby Doo? PART 2 – Keeping on top of trends in the kids and youth market

Last week we published four trends that are likely to be seen across the next twelve months in the kids and youth market, here is the next instalment.

Two more trends that are bound to be popular are Collectibles and Global Influence

5.Collectibles - Collecting has always been popular, from stickers to stamps and now online collecting characters and pets. And we are seeing a newfound interest in collecting.

Shopkins and Squeezees are some of the things that we have found kids have been talking about as new and exciting and a constant stream of new collectables are being released. 

In part this is driven by retailer loyalty schemes (Lidl), the retail trend of purchasing lower value toys more frequently and the unboxing videos on YouTube.  These unboxing videos allow children to enjoy the feeling of an uncovering a surprise with someone similar in age to themselves - both key drivers that appeal to children.  

6. Global influence - Netflix and YouTube is increasing access to new content which allows more niche genres like manga and anime to shine. The Japanese comics and animation trend has been around for a long time.  They often portray a more ‘real’ story of the struggles and challenges faced in life.  Kids are mentioning manga and anime as something they are into. 

There is also a new programme called Yo Kai Watch coming soon to the UK having been a phenomenal success as a show and with merchandise in Japan. 



The final set of trends to be published next week are what is happening currently with kids as a result of a backlash to the changing world.

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