Real People

An all embracing approach to revealing the reality of kid’s and family’s lives

Creating meaningful connections

Using a deep-rooted knowledge of kids and families lives we develop research approaches to reveal the most illuminating insights from a multitude of perspectives.

Kids, teens and parents are a diverse and fascinating group, but the stereotypes and myths are rife.

We take an all-embracing approach to understanding kids and families lives. Our aim is to produce a truer picture that is more reflective of their real lives so that richer content, products and services can be created.

  • Using enhanced recruitment materials and specialist recruiters we gather the perspectives of a diverse range of the target market, not just the more confident over-represented demographics and personalities.
  • There is a story to gather from the places where children spend their time. By experiencing these places ourselves as researchers we can get a rich understanding of children and family life
  • We use approaches that are designed to reduce bias and give all types of kids and parents a voice

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