Products & Services

Uncovering how your product fits into the lives of kids and families and putting them at the centre of your design.

Successful Innovation, Design and Launch

We’ll work with you at every stage of the development of your product or service so you can be confident of success when it comes to launch.

  • Pack development
  • Idea innovation and concept development
  • Product and sensory testing
  • Pricing and launch mechanics
  • Decision making process and customer journeys
  • Initiative and service evaluations

Products and Service Lab

Platypus’ Product and Service Testing helps you navigate your way through the complexities of designing for the kids and family market.

Achieving success in the kids and family market with a newly launched product or service requires the skills and know how to understand the balance of power that exists among kids and parents and the knowledge to evaluate products from a range of perspectives.

We look at a number of factors when testing products in the kids and family market….

  • Evaluating a child and family’s reaction to a product taking into account children’s cognitive and sensory development
  • Evaluating the influence and role in decision making with social theory 
  • Identifying how the product or service fits into their lives with anthropology and ethnography 
  • Combined with over 20 years of commercial experience and know how in helping organisations successfully launch and revise their products and services into the family market.


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