"Let us launch you into KIDS SPACE and show you the world of kids, teens and their families!"

Our series of quarterly reports aim to provide a truly holistic overview and give you real insights to enable you to understand family dynamics and the kids of today. 

Each report is based on an online survey of 1000, 8-16 year old and their parents across the UK. 

To increase your knowledge of kids and teens we give you the lowdown on exactly what is going on in their lives AND we tell you about the hottest topics that have got all the kids talking! 

The sample

  • online survey of 1000, 8-16 year olds and their parents across the UK
  • nationally representative of demographics including gender, region and ethnicity.
  • breakdown of traditional, single parent and blended families 

Our brand affinity tracker

Using a combination of metrics combining loyalty, awareness and loveability, we have calculated a brand affinity score for each brand included which allows us to create a full ranking of over 40 brands.

The first quarter looks at kids’ opinions to 40 of the largest brands and with the theme of fashion we have also created a ranking of the top fashion retailers and brands.

For the rest of the reports we will rank brands associated with that topic e.g. media brands, food and drink brands and toy and leisure brands.

The largest brand rankings will then be tracked annually so you can keep on top of how the kids and youth market is changing.

It’s all about you 

Pre-order future reports and for your eyes only you can request to add your brand onto the brand ranking tracker.  For an additional fee you can add up to 5 further questions.

This is a really cost effective way of monitoring what kids and teens think and feel about your brand by dipping into their world and adding your own bespoke questions. 

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