Mums are one of our main research audiences either as;

  • Main household shopper
  • The ‘Gatekeepers’ or Advisors
  • Consumers in their own right

Our extensive experience with mums (and being parents ourselves) means we can tailor our approach so that our research gives you a true picture.

  • Being a mum is a challenge both physically and emotionally; sleepless nights, toddler tantrums, getting kids to eat their five a day as well as navigating the rollercoaster ride of teenage emotions, phew! Mums want and need solutions that make their lives easier and solve their problems and soothes their hurts.
  • The role of motherhood may change over time but it never stops. From complete dependency as a new born to occasional contact as an independent, mums are always called upon for advice, guidance and can still influence their child at any age.

Most of our projects involving the child and youth market have an element of mum’s research. It is key for businesses and organisations to understand mum’s challenges, and to address their needs when developing their products, brands or services. There is a fine balance in the decision making process of who makes the decision and the criteria they use.

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