We’re great at qual, but as an all-encompassing market research agency we’re not frightened of numbers and statistics either.

Platypus is proof that robust quantitative data can be gained from the family market in a fun and engaging way


Face to face

  • Hall tests
  • Street interviews
  • Store exits
  • In home


Online Survey and Polls

  • Administered to specialist online panels or via social media or by text.
  • Flash surveys with fun, interactive techniques designed to maintain interest and increase the quality of data obtained for young people and adults alike.


Using our extensive experience of the child, youth and family market we continually evolve the standard approaches to suit the audience and the brief.

Through creative recruitment approaches and our parents and children’s panels we are able to access the most specific criteria of respondent within the child, youth and family audience.


We’re not just pretty faces – we can do the scientific bit too. Here are some of the techniques we offer and the questions they answer;

  • Cluster and factor analysis (How to segment your audience/customers/market?)
  • Multiple Regression (What are the key drivers for purchase/visiting/keeping people happy?)
  • Trade off (What is the ideal combination of features for my product/service? What criteria are most important in making a decision to buy/visit/watch?)
  • Volumetrics (How many will visit/buy this new product or service?)